Table of Contents

Part 1: Man

“The World’s Most Dangerous Idea.”

Meeting those in search of biological immortality

“The Most Wondrous Map.”

The Personal Genomics revolution and the world’s most pointless sign.

“My Lab Should Not Be Trusted.”

Synthetic Biology – harnessing the power of life …and the end of the world.

Part 2: Machine

“Can You Turn All The Buttons On?”

Sociable Robots and chocolate

“Like Explaining Shakespeare to a Dog.”

Intelligent Machines and dog literature … and the end of the world (again).

“Invisibly small and magical.”

Nanotechnology and cleaner bathrooms… and the end of the world (again, again).

“The Biggest, Baddest Kid On The Block.”

A new era of spaceflight, jailbirds and bad food.

“A constant and complete intercourse.”

The Internet, world peace and porn (and a bit about the end of the world, of course).

Part 3: Earth

“World leaders still don’t really get it.”

Managing the air (and, in a surprise appearance – the end of the world).

“I’m A Disruptive Guy. I Like Disruption.”

The off-grid solar power revolution and nearly dying (twice).

“The Black Phantom.”

A cooker that could change the planet and the world’s friendliest country.

“A Little Bit Of A Big Amount.”

Managing the land and being insulted by Aussies.

“The President Is Busy.”

Attending an underwater cabinet meeting and talking to a president, contemplating world population and meeting the super-rich.

Part 4: Reboot

“Making A Road Where There Isn’t One.”

Trying to get a personal reboot to handle the future.

“Future Shock.”

Personal reboot part 2.

Hello, And Thanks For All The Fish.

Pondering my genome and the future of the planet, and fish.