An Optimist’s Tour of the Future is a book that follows writer Mark Stevenson as he tries to answer the question “What’s next?”

Latest news

  • Mark has a new site! For those of you coming here to find Mark, check out his new personal site at
  • TV series and further trips to the future The Optimist’s Tour film project has now morphed into 6 part TV series in development with Nutopia. Meanwhile Mark is in North Carolina researching his next book (now titled “We do things differently here: travels on the cutting edge of change”) – meeting a man deep in the belly of healthcare but trying to change it.
  • Follow up to Optimist’s Tour… We’re very pleased to announce that the follow up to An Optimist’s Tour of the Future will be published by Profile Books in 2015. Tentatively called The Shift: Why are systems are failing us and what will replace them, Mark will be travelling the cutting edge of institutional innovation finding new models for schools, healthcare, ...
  • Films! The film version of Optimist’s Tour progresses slowly, but surely. In the meantime Mark has been asked to write ‘The Great Energy Race’ – a cinema documentary shooting this summer and is working on the film ’20 questions’ with award-winning musician and film-maker Andy Ross.
  • Korean translation The lovely people at Nulmin Books have bought the Korean rights to Optimist’s Tour....  Super!
  • Lithuania and a galaxy far far away… We’re pleased to annouce: a) Optimist’s Tour is being translated into Lithuanian b) The movie of the book now has a visual team behind it responsible (in part) for movies including Star Wars, Bladerunner, The Hunger Games, Aliens and Avatar. We’re also very happy that Mark will be co-writing the Screen play with none other than the ...
  • Hungarian edition The lovely people at HVG have bought Hungarian language rights to the book…. Nagyszeru!
  • Audio book released ….and you can find it at
  • More editions… Good news… Dutch, Estonian and Hungarian editions are now in the offing – as is an Audio version (read by Mark)….
  • Everything’s kicking off… Here at optimist towers we’re being inudated with requests from investors, businesses, legislators and a whole host of others to help them lean into the future. This means Mark’s next book is still taking longer than we hoped to emerge. The League of Pragmatic Optimists also continues to go from strength to strength. Why not ...

What you’ll find here

If you haven’t read the book you can find out more about it and Mark in ‘The Book’ and ‘The Author’ sections respectively. Picturesvideos and online references related to the book can be found under ‘Extras!’ Find out how to see Mark live, or get in touch with him under the appropriately named ‘Events’ and ‘Contact’ sections.