The Author


Mark Stevenson is an entrepreneur, author, ideas broker and public speaker.

“Stevenson wears no blindfold. His tools are curiosity, open-mindedness, clarity and reason.” – Chris Anderson, TED Curator


Mark is the author of the critically acclaimed (and many times translated) An Optimist’s Tour of the Future, but he has also written for The Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Economist, The Daily Telegraph, and The New Statesman. His key skill is an ability to take complex or abstract concepts and make them understandable by non-specialists without trivialising the subject matter.

“An ability to express even the most complex scientific problems in terms easily understood by a layperson. His discussion of global warming is a model of cogency” – Sydney Morning Herald

An Optimist’s Tour… is being turned into a TV series by Nutopia productions. His next book. We do things differently, arrives in bookstores sometime in 2015

Public Speaker/ lecturer

Mark is regularly asked to talk to both private and public audiences on matters of technology trends, future narratives, institutional innovation, complexity, belief systems and learning. Engagements include The Economist, The US National Space Symposium, IBM, Michigan School of Art and Design, Microsoft Research, The London Literature Festival and Oxford University. He also speaks regularly at schools as well as the occasional rock festival. His experience of spending a year as a stand-up comedian gives him the necessary skills to put a wide range of audiences and viewers at ease. A list of recent appearances is appended.

“A tremendous speech. A standing ovation. It is not often that you can hear a pin drop in a room that size – but the audience was enthralled. Wonderful!” – Elliot Pullman, CEO, US Space Foundation

“Mark Stevenson is one of those rare visionaries who fascinates an audience and makes them laugh in equal measure. Stevenson’s talk was a highlight within the London Literature Festival and we expect great things from him… Do not be surprised if he becomes a household name in the not-too-distant future” – Jana Stefanovska, London Literature Festival

Business owner

Mark is co-founder of Flow Associates, a learning agency which develops optimum environments for creative innovation tied to critical thinking. The company has offices in London and Delhi and works with cultural institutions, government bodies, corporations and schools. Recent clients include The Smithsonian Institute (Washington D.C.), Audi HQ (Ingolstadt), The British Library (London), State Council for Education Research and Training (Delhi), The Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture (Moscow) and medical research body The Wellcome Trust. /

“Mark helped us to work through, develop and negotiate complex organisational-political problems and we would definitely recommend Flow Associates for their diligence, dedication and sense of humour!” – Wendy Earle, British Film Institute.


Mark is futurologist-in-residence at investment analyst company Primary Energy Research ( and also sits on the advisory boards of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Earth Challenge (, the crowd-investing company Trillion Fund ( and Pearson College ( Additionally he is part of the Transport and Fuels steering committee for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers ( and Senior Advisor on Global Trends and Innovation for Grupo Punset.


Mark’s numerous appearances in the press and on Radio and TV include interviews and profiles on national radio, TV and in print media in the UK, US, South America, Europe and Australia & New Zealand. Recent in-depth coverage includes The Guardian (UK), Brand Eins (Germany), El Mundo (Spain), The Wall Street Journal (US) and ABC (Australia).


Mark is a fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, Nibmaster General at the Ministry of Stories and the founder of The League of Pragmatic Optimists – an organisation that creates meeting places in cities and towns across the globe “where people who want to make the world better can meet, generate ideas and projects, get inspiration and a recharge, find collaborators and have their neurons tickled in the cause of improving the story of humanity.” Currently the organisation has chapters in the UK, Spain and New Zealand.

Mark is also a comedy writer. His work has been performed on Radio 4 and his play (co-written with Jack Milner) Octopus Soup tours the UK in 2015.

You can get in touch with Mark via the Contacts page.