These endnotes nominally refer to the UK edition which, as was the publisher’s preference, was printed without references at the end of the book. They will however be useful to US readers who want to follow up particular links as most of the material can be found online (and we link from here).

In cases where the reference does not appear online but in print we have, where possible, provided a link to a place you can buy the book in question.

Note: Putting these references up is a big job, so we’re doing them chapter by chapter. If the reference you’re looking for isn’t up here yet please do contact Mark and he’ll send it to you…

Endnotes by chapter

Chapter 1: “The World’s Most Dangerous Idea”

Chapter 2: “The Most Wondrous Map”

Chapter 3: “My Lab Should Not be Trusted”

Chapter 4: “Can You Turn All the Buttons on?”

Chapter 5: “Like Explaining Shakespeare to a Dog”

Chapter 6: “Invisibly Small and Magical”

Chapter 7: “The Biggest, Baddest Kid on the Block”

Chapter 8: “A Constant and Complete Intercourse”

Chapter 9: “World Leaders Still Don’t Really Get it”

Chapter 10: “Here Comes the Sun (and it’s alright)”

Chapter 11: “The Black Phantom”

Chapter 12: “A Little Bit of a Big Amount”

Other chapters coming soon…

Keeping up-to-date

As ever, things shift around on the web – and if you find any of these links don’t work do contact us and we’ll update. There may also be a few differences between US and UK endnotes but 95% are shared. If there’s a particular reference you’re having trouble with please contact Mark. Also please note that the page numbers here refer to the UK edition.


Inevitably a few errata have made it into the first print run of the book. These have been corrected for the next print run and for the e-book.  None will affect your enjoyment of the contents but for completeness you can find a list here. We do, however, unreservedly apologise to StarWars fans for saying Return of the Jedi, when we meant The Empire Strikes Back. Also, the addition of ‘non-‘ in one sentence on page 164 reversed its meaning but we’re sure it’s obvious from all that follows that this is a typo.