LOPO came about after Mark became constantly inundated with the question “What can I do?” from people reading his book, or attending talks. He realised there was a huge un-tapped army of critical thinking optimists out there, however a lot them either felt isolated within their organisations or were craving other people to bump ideas together and start actually doing something rather than just thinking or talking about it.

LOPO principles:

  • We believe in an unashamed optimism of ambition about the future
  • We are pragmatists. We meet to help all of us do. Mouths on legs are discouraged
  • We believe in involving ourselves in projects that are ‘bigger than me’
  • We believe ideas become more powerful when they are shared, not protected
  • Your anecdotes are nice, but your evidence is better
  • We all aim to police our own cynicism, and keep it in check
  • Making mistakes is OK, but not trying is irresponsible
  • LOPO is a-political. All stripes welcome as long as you’re not here to promote your stripes

Already there are offers to launch chapters in NY, Boston, Princeton and Oxford. Our test event in London is on Oct 12th – already oversubscribed but regular meetings will be in the diary soon…